Learning to dance starring Phillip...and you!

Dear Friend,

Phillip is known for a lot of things, but two of his most engaging qualities are his dazzling smile and his dynamic dancing skills. He loves to teach his friends how to dance, whether it's the tango or the salsa.

Phillip has been working at Rauch Industries since February of 2012. He briefly held a job at a local restaurant and says he learned how to wash dishes there. Unfortunately, he was let go when new management arrived.

But, Phillip kept dancing. He maintained his job at Rauch Industries as we supported him through his work experiences. "Through our work services program and his prior training, Phillip was able to focus on the positive," says Work Services Coordinator, Theresa Berry. "Things don't always go as planned, but we regroup and move forward. Our relationship with Phillip is a great example of the persistent support Rauch provides to help clients meet their goals."

With the help of his job coach, Phillip landed an interview with a local retailer and was hired. Phillip enjoys his new job, responsibilities, and coworkers.

When he's not scheduled to work at his new job, Phillip continues to work at Rauch Industries. He is excited about learning new skills outside of those he's acquiring at Rauch. A very social person by nature, he also says he is eager to meet new people. We have no doubt he will captivate them all with his charisma--and maybe a few of his patented dance moves.

Theresa says, "The goal of the work services program is to help clients have the support and skills they need to live their best life." This objective is true throughout Rauch's many other diverse programs for individuals with disabilities. People like you have an important role in this success, too. Your donation to Rauch ensures more people like Phillip can benefit from Rauch's empowering services not only in employment, but in all areas of life.


To meet annual operating needs, Rauch must raise $12,500 in contributions from supporters like you this summer. Please make a donation today to help Rauch care for over 1,000 children and adults with developmental and other disabilities each year in your community.

Thank you so much for your support of Rauch and the many people like Phillip you help continue to dance.




Bettye Dunham
Chief Executive Officer