Subcontracting Services

Rauch Industries has provided subcontracting services to over 350 regional and national businesses including the United States Postal Service, the Department of Defense, and Hitachi. Whether you require assembly, fabrication, packaging, or fulfillment services, our team can provide you with a solution.

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Rauch Industries has provided premium assembly solutions for over 40 years. We are qualified to perform various kinds of bench work, fixturing, mechanical fastening, riveting, staking, automated, semi-automated, and hand assemblies. We stock an inventory of advanced technology equipment which can easily perform large and small volumes of work. Our assembly, sub-assembly, and subcontracting services are utilized widely by the automotive, postal, and defense sectors.


Rauch Industries aspires to provide a total packaging solution for your varied needs and demands. We can provide custom and contract packaging for different kinds of products, parts, and assemblies. We are equipped with a huge variety of the latest equipment that can perform all types of automated or semi-automated packaging with ease. Packaging is available for a number of industries, including the food, automotive, medical, defense, and electronics sectors.


Rauch Industries offers different types of fabrication services including milling, welding, drilling, grinding, deburring, boring, riveting, sawing, and more. All of our services adhere to stringent inspection processes to monitor the quality levels at each and every stage of operation. We are equipped with an assorted range of advanced equipment that can perform multiple machining operations precisely in short times. Our experience and expertise enables us to handle general contract machining, fabrication, outsourcing, special machining, and production machining services. Special kinds of machining services are also offered in accordance with the demand, application, and industry.

Custom Processing

Rauch Industries offers a wide variety of custom processing services including pick and pack fulfillment, addressing and mailing, sorting and inspection, custom and contract kitting, collating, mail order fulfillment, internal fulfillment, and label application. The automotive, defense, postal, and many other industries make regular use of our services.

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