2016 Imagine Awards Honoree: Tasman Natural Pet

Rauch is pleased to announce the 2016 Imagine Awards Business honoree, Tasman Natural Pet.

Tasman Natural Pet is a division of Tasman Industries, a Louisville-based family owned company founded by Goodman Tasman in 1947. Tasman Natural Pet was launched in 2010 to produce and market high-quality rawhide chews for dogs. One of the first hurdles in launching the company was to locate a packaging solution. Tasman began working with Rauch Industries, a subsidiary of Rauch, Inc., who provided the services needed to help the company become one of the fastest growing premium brands in the pet products industry.

David,  worker at Rauch Industries, labels Tasman Natural Pet products

However, working with Rauch Industries isn’t just a business solution for the company. Tasman Natural Pet is proud to partner with Rauch and fully believes in the agency’s work to provide opportunities to persons with and without disabilities. The services Rauch provides would otherwise have been completed overseas or through pre-made packaging and have been crucial to Tasman's growth in the packaged consumer goods marketplace. Tasman has grown 500% since its founding and continues to work with Rauch for packaging, even when most of the products could now be packaged at their manufacturing facility.

In addition to their support of the employment and training of individuals with disabilities, Tasman Natural Pet and parent company Tasman Industries actively employ displaced and/or disadvantaged persons at all levels of employment, often with no English speaking requirements. The company’s human resources division works with local refugee centers such as Kentucky Refugee Ministries and Catholic Charities, resulting in their hiring of the entire warehouse management and fulfillment staff. Tasman works to provide hope and a hand up, not a hand out.

Join us in celebrating Tasman Natural Pet at the March 5, 2016 Imagine Awards gala! Tickets, sponsorship, and event information are available at www.imagineawards.org.