Rauch's Very Own "Saint" Nick

“He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake…”

You better watch out at Rauch – but not for Santa Claus. Our own “Saint” Nick loves to hang out with friends, be in the middle of the daily hustle and bustle at our Adult Developmental Activities program, and sit back attentively watching the activity around him. Some days, we’d almost swear he’s making a list and checking it twice.

Nick, his sister, and their friends at Rauch's Holiday Potluck luncheon

Nick, his sister, and their friends at Rauch's Holiday Potluck luncheon

Nick enjoys the courtyard at Rauch's Fairmont Neighborhood Center

Growing up, Nick faced challenges due to developmental delays and disabilities. However, thanks to the community that surrounds him, his life has been mostly good, for goodness sake. Nick received tremendous support and guidance through his years at Spring Hill and Thomas Jefferson Elementaries, River Valley Middle, and Jeffersonville High Schools. Nearing graduation, he prepared for his next adventure by spending time at Rauch, getting comfortable with the staff, program participants, and space they occupy.  

We certainly didn’t pout or cry when Nick joined Rauch’s merry crew full-time (after all, we wouldn’t want to find any coal in our stockings). Nick fit right in, and his life got even better when he met Albert, one of our dynamic Direct Support Professionals. Nick surprised Albert with an enthusiastic hug, and their beautiful friendship was born. Nick’s mom Laura says that Albert and Nick are “brothers from other mothers, two peas in a pod.” 

On Christmas Eve, Nick and his family attend Christmas Mass, and then dine on soup and sandwiches. His family gathers at his house to open presents Christmas Day, and Nick always has the most gifts – his family keeps him occupied by wrapping each little piece of an item separately. 
Laura says, “Nick’s favorite part of coming to Rauch is spending time with his friends. And being challenged to be the best ‘Nick’ he can be can every day. Rauch is a perfect example that you are never too old to learn. Nick continues to grow with love and encouragement daily.”

Year after year, Rauch also grows and changes to meet the needs of people like Nick, thanks to the generous support of donors like you. We hope we’re on your “nice list” this year, because every gift makes a difference, helping Rauch to be here both now and in the future. Please donate today to help Rauch remain strong.


Wishing you a safe, warm, and joy-filled holiday season,


 Bettye Dunham, Chief Executive Office