Talking Turkey

Patsy was looking forward to seeing It's a Wonderful Life at Derby Dinner Playhouse with her brother. 

by Teressa Jackson, Director of Development

I often tell people that the best parts of my work day happen first thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon, when I get some special good morning and goodbye salutations from the clients who are arriving and departing from Rauch Industries. Heck, sometimes they're the best part of my day, period. No matter what happens before, between, or after those greetings, they keep me grounded in what's important, add fun and friendship to my day, and sometimes entertain me a bit. :)

Chris was excited to spend the next several days at his mom's house.

Most of the people we serve at Rauch get pretty excited about holidays. Nearly everyone I saw today wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. I even got a few hugs. But, I had to remember to choose my words carefully when talking turkey. 


Sure, many of them had some great fun to anticipate. However, as with most occasions, it was clear that there was little for some of these special people to anticipate. The unfortunate fact is that, for a variety of reasons, many of our clients simply have little to no meaningful family connections. For those who live with us in Supported Living, we'll make sure their Thanksgiving is what they deserve. But more importantly, from our ACCESS program to Supported Employment, it's a perfect illustration of why the support and connections we offer each day - holiday or no holiday - are vitally important.

Thank you to everyone who helps make the assistance we provide for some of our community's most vulnerable people possible. Whether you're a donor, hard-working staff member, volunteer, friend who sings our praises on social media, or one of our countless other supporters, we're truly grateful for you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!