The Gift of Julieanne

Each day at Rauch, we receive a gift. Julieanne, a tall, blonde, lanky 25-year-old, has worked at Rauch Industries nearly four years. Everyone who interacts with Julieanne is delighted by her sly smile and sense of humor. She has a tremendous number of friends among her peers at work, who look forward to spending time with her each day.

Julie’s parents were amazed at the boost in her self-confidence and verbal acuity after she began working at Rauch. According to her parents, Mark and Kara, “She used to go into a room full of people and blend into the wallpaper.” Now, though, she jumps right in and joins the conversation. Julie has blossomed.

Julie & Donnell, her supervisor

Although Julieanne has many interests outside of work – playing with her two dogs, chatting with her boyfriend, and watching WWE wrestling, to name a few – her life would be far different without her job. Someone like Julie, with her trusting and shy manner, lack of interest in or understanding of money, difficulty communicating, and slow pace, is still learning what it means to be at work. At Rauch Industries, she gets the support she needs at this point in her career. 

And, Mark says, “She absolutely loves it.” He and Kara appreciate the Rauch staff’s time and effort with Julie each day.

Rauch relies on community members like you to help us provide opportunities for people like Julieanne. The range of services we provide to over 1,000 people with developmental and other disabilities annually include the guidance and training offered at Rauch Industries, skill building at our day programs, job placement, round-the-clock supported living services, therapy and socialization for children with special needs, sign language interpreting, and more.

Your generous support gives us at Rauch the gift of continuing to serve Julieanne, and helps us meet the needs of the many people with developmental and other disabilities who depend on our care every day.


Please donate today to help us continue these vital programs and services for the many people like Julieanne in your local community. 

Wishing you a safe, warm, and joy-filled holiday season,


Bettye Dunham, Chief Executive Officer


Teressa Jackson

I am a lifelong resident of New Albany. I am fortunate to also work in this community as the Director of Development of Rauch, Inc. Rauch, a not-for-profit organization, has helped create a community where everyone belongs for people with disabilities for 60 years. Through this role, I help promote the agency to the general public, creating awareness of our contributions to those in need and support in the form of others' time, talent and treasure.