A Legacy and Support System that Lives on...

Ballroom dancing, taking piano lessons, riding bicycles, and traveling are all interests that Julie and Tim Naville share. However, the Providence High School sweethearts whose young love grew into a happily married life with three children share another unique long-time correlation. 

Julie, the Director of Physical and Occupational Therapy at Baptist Health Louisville, first explored her occupational therapy career path as a college student when she volunteered with Rauch’s early intervention program. Rauch has been in Tim’s consciousness nearly his entire life due to his late father Herb’s involvement with the agency and his sister’s ongoing status as a Rauch program participant.

After attending the Naval Academy and a career as a Nuclear Service Warfare Officer, Tim returned home to New Albany with a position at the planned Marble Hill Power Plant in Southern Indiana. When that project was abandoned, Tim pursued “Plan B,” attending law school at the University of Louisville on the GI Bill and following in Herb’s footsteps by joining Lorch and Naville law firm (now Lorch Naville Ward). 

Tim went on to echo Herb’s path in another respect – serving on the Rauch, Inc. and Rauch Foundation Boards of Directors for thirteen years. Through the years, Julie and Tim have been faithful donors to Rauch, and decided they wanted to continue that support past their lifetime through a donation to the Rauch Foundation that they have arranged through their life insurance policy.

In professional circles, Julie finds that many of her Louisville colleagues are amazed that one organization meets so many varied needs. She refers to the agency as a “one stop shop,” providing a range of support for different ages and skill levels of individuals. Julie feels that this breadth of work also demonstrates the agency’s stewardship of the donor dollars with which it is entrusted – “If you look at all that Rauch does, it’s easy to see where your money goes.” 

Tim’s faith in Rauch is rooted in history as well as its continued forward-thinking approach. He says that “Rauch’s longevity and programs speak for themselves. I like what Rauch has done for the community and I believe that Rauch will continue those good works and manage our investment well – including adapting to its clients’ needs and undertaking new approaches.”

Julie and Tim; their children Sarah, Steve, and Anne; and their two grandchildren all reside in Southern Indiana. The hometown connection means a lot to Julie, who says that “Rauch truly is an organization that exists to serve the local community. There is integrity there.” 

Gifts to the Rauch Foundation like the one arranged by the Naville family are invested for Rauch’s future. Those investment earnings provide important income that Rauch uses to meet the needs of the people with disabilities they serve. Join the group of caring individuals who have left donations to Rauch in their will or estate plans – visit rauchinc.org/giftplanning or call 812-981-4410 to learn more about long-term giving options through Rauch’s IMAGINE Giving Community.