Reaching goals at ADA

At Adult Developmental Activities (ADA), it’s all about reaching goals and progressing by a little bit each day. For Brad, that goal was to be able to go out and eat at a restaurant.

Brad had the goal of going out to eat.

Goals are decided by a client’s team members. They meet, discuss, and come up with a step-by-step plan to achieve that goal whether it spans over a few weeks or several months.

The first step in Brad’s plan was to see restaurants, so his team showed him photos of restaurants. He then began going through the drive-thru. The next step was to get to KFC right when it opened in the morning and go in and get carry out. Eventually, Brad started sitting down and eating and now his supported living community takes him out to eat at a variety of different restaurants.

Bob achieved his goal through ADA.

The same process was used with Bob to help him achieve his goal of getting used to the noise of fire trucks.

ADA first had a fire station come by and Bob watched from the window, then he watched from outside, then got inside the truck, and now he’s accomplished his goal.

Program manager Sally Engleman said this process is called desensitization. It’s all about small steps toward the larger goal, but also making sure it’s enjoyable for the clients as they progress toward that goal.

Clients also participate in other activities such as arts and crafts, cooking demonstrations, Wellness Wednesdays, and others in order to establish daily living skills and good behaviors, while working toward their goals.

This post is from guest blogger Darian Eswine--an English and journalism major from Franklin College interning with Rauch this summer.