David's Birthday Celebration

David has a way with words. You never quite know what he's going to say, but you should be prepared that it might just melt your heart. Like the time he told me I looked tired (gee thanks) and that I "shouldn't work so much." Point taken. Or when he asked when their pool was going to be built. At the time, we weren't completely sure we were going to have enough funds to do so, and I told him that. His answer: "you should get some donations." Point taken again (after all, that's my job!). One of my favorites, though, was when he spontaneously said to me when I was giving someone a tour of Rauch Industries, "Teressa, whenever I see you, I have a good day." Well alrighty then!

So, when he invited me to his birthday party, how could I resist? I mean, come on, an opportunity to go to a cute guy's party? Ok, sign me up!  Twist my arm! How old was David going to be? He readily told me "59", although I could have calculated that based on his hat that reads "1954 Model". David loves wacky and witty hats and shirts, big gold rings, and bling.

After work on Friday, I headed out to David's house at Hawthorn Glen. He and his roommates Brent and Bradley were some of the first residents who moved into our development in late 2010, and they love their bachelor pad. All three of them, several other residents of our housing, and many staff members were already having a great time in their driveway. We devoured pizza, chips, cake, and ice cream. We sang "Happy Birthday" with a lot of help from Brent. We played with silly string, water balloons, and were challenged to a round of cornhole (yes, I lost).

David carefully opened his gifts. A UK blue lunchbox to take to work at Rauch Industries, a Superman hat, several cards, and more. Pleased and tired, David made his way inside to chill in the living room with Bradley. And I made my way home renewed in my pride and belief that I work for an agency committed to doing the both the big and little things that help people like David have full, meaningful, and fun lives.



Teressa Jackson

I am a lifelong resident of New Albany. I am fortunate to also work in this community as the Director of Development of Rauch, Inc. Rauch, a not-for-profit organization, has helped create a community where everyone belongs for people with disabilities for 60 years. Through this role, I help promote the agency to the general public, creating awareness of our contributions to those in need and support in the form of others' time, talent and treasure.