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Why is an employee recognition program needed?: 
Employee recognition is a communication tool that reinforces and rewards the important outcomes people create for a business. When you recognize employees, you reinforce the actions you want to see people repeat. Employee recognition programs can improve employee morale. 

Every employee can nominate a co-worker when they are seen “going the extra mile” to support the mission of Rauch Inc. 

Mission:  “To support people with disabilities and their families while encouraging a community that acknowledges the value and contribution of all people.”

Examples of reasons to recognize include

  • Helping a fellow employee

  • New ideas to better the business

  • Outstanding customer service

  • Going beyond the basic job duties to develop

  • Improve the services of Rauch Inc.

To nominate a co-worker, recognition cards can be obtained from Human Resources or your Department Director. The employee must name the recipient and give a brief description of the positive performance. A Rauch Runner Shoe will then be displayed for the month on a “Rauch Runner” board located in each building.

What is the incentive for employees?:
At the end of each month, there will be a drawing for all of the employees recognized for that month. The winner will receive a gift recognition. Additionally, the monthly winner will be recognized in a company-wide email AND on Rauch’s Facebook page.

Which employees are included?: 
All employees are eligible for the reward as long as they are seen supporting the Rauch mission. 

An employee may not recognize the same co-worker more than once per month. 
The recognition must give specific information about what behaviors or actions are being recognized.

You Have been seen "going the extra mile!"

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