The Studio at Fairmont Neighborhood Center

The Adult Developmental Activities (ADA) program believes that all people, regardless of ability, can gain strength, enjoyment and pleasure from creative art experiences.

Holly makes art at The Studio

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The Studio opened in August 1998 in downtown New Albany as a fully staffed studio and gallery, giving Rauch's ADA clients the opportunity express themselves through the arts. The studio has since moved into the Fairmont Neighborhood Center on Charlestown Road, but this belief hasn't changed.

Client artwork is displayed for viewing and purchase, as it would be in any gallery. Artwork from The Studio can be found hanging on the walls of area businesses and Rauch locations. Much of the art might be considered "outsider art" or perhaps "recycled art."

The art created in the studio is made possible by you! Community donations and items others may no longer have use for become an integral part of many of our creative art pieces.

Artwork from The Studio

Behind The Seen

Abstract Expressionism? Found Art? Assemblages? Colors, merging, muted with altered objects causing one to look CLOSER to discern the individual objects and how they blend into a new image. Sculptured items, painted or imposing on their environs, calling to be noticed. First impressions come QUICKLY, but what is "Behind The Seen" can be informative, curious and engaging. These visual manifestations, Art, challenge the spectator to


As it is for people with disabilities, they like the creative Objects you see, ask to be noticed.  Ask to be valued, NOT for what might be a first impression, BUT for what is "Behind The Seen."

The Studio is located at Fairmont Neighborhood Center • 2525 Charlestown Road • New Albany, IN 47150
 (812) 945-4063 •

The Studio operates Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed holidays.