World Languages Interpreting Services

Serving the Global Community     

Rauch's Interpreting and Translation Services provide professional, high-quality services for individuals, businesses, and organizations that are in need of interpreting or translation from the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Somali, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Bravanese, Swahili, Arabic, Russian and Italian to English or English to any of these languages. All of Rauch's interpreters are bound by the Code of Ethics, which ensures confidentiality and professionalism and the majority are certified interpreters in their language. 

When to use an Interpreter

  • Staff Meetings
  • Medical Appointments
  • Job Trainings
  • Job Interviews
  • Educational Settings
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Mental Health Settings
  • Legal Settings
  • Concerts & Theater
  • Extracurricular Activities

Rauch Interpreting Services offers

  • Qualified language interpreters
  • Interpreter Workshops
  • 15 Global Languages to English or English to 15 Global Languages translation services

Our hourly rate is $40.00/hr. plus portal of $40.00 for either onsite or offsite interpreting.                                                                                 Translation of Driver’s License and other official certificates (marriage license, birth certificates, high school/college diplomas and passports)  is $40.00.                                                                                                                                                                                                            All other written translations are quoted by the department.                                                                                                                       Three-way phone call interpreting is available and charged at 15 minute increments.

For more information or to schedule an interpreter, please call 812-542-3080 or 502-550-5384 (after hours).