There's a new "sheriff" in town

A whirlwind of energy and activity, 16-year-old Grant loves singing country music, strumming his guitar, playing with cars and nerf guns, and proudly showing off his license plate collection. 

Grant wasn’t always the self-assured and outgoing young man you see today, though. 

Grant works to overcome the challenges of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder, and is a student at New Albany High School. Four years ago, Grant came to Rauch’s Developmental Kids and Youth Summer Program. A quiet young man, at first he had difficulty making friends. However, things soon began to change. 

Grant developed new confidence by taking on the persona of “Sheriff Grant,” who had an endearing habit of policing the staff at Rauch’s Fairmont Neighborhood Center. “Tickets” were doled out for speeding, parking on the line, and other infractions. These interactions provided a way for Grant to feel empowered and make new connections. We were thrilled at his progress, and so was his mother, Veronica. By the 2015 camp session, Grant had even graduated to serving as the Team Leader.

According to Veronica, each time she and Grant drive past Rauch on Charlestown Road, he looks at the building and says, “They like me there.” He’s right – we do.

Rauch’s summer camp was developed in response to an unmet need Rauch saw in the community. It is also a service without a stable funding stream to ensure its ongoing operation. Without donations from supporters like you, Rauch’s vibrant array of programs and services that meet the needs of over 1,000 children and adults each year would not be possible.

Please help Rauch continue to provide quality, client-focused services such as the camp that has made such an impact in Grant’s life by making a donation to our $12,500 mid-year fundraising goal today.



Bettye Dunham, CEO