Good people, good place

Phoebe Curry has been in the business for 33 years, first working at New Hope Services and then at Rauch Industries. As production manager, she oversees the everyday operations of daily production, clients, and production techs (PTs). Phoebe handles the job scheduling of PTs and clients, while ensuring deadlines are being met and everyone is working.

Phoebe has two brothers with disabilities, which she said may have influenced her decision to work in the field; however she started out working as a back-up bus driver because she was looking for part-time work.

Eventually she ended up in shop and production at New Hope, leading her to Rauch where she has been the past five years.

“I enjoy it. I like the hustle and bustle of it and the fast turnaround,” she said. “It’s fast-paced, turning it around, getting it out the door, and meeting demands.”

Part of her job is also acting as a go-between with customers who outsource work to Rauch Industries. She talks with companies, schedules work, and handles problems and concerns when they arise.

Phoebe said the work is important for so many reasons.


“Working here gives clients a sense of purpose and a sense of pride that they’re doing something to earn money,” she said. “Whenever you work it makes you feel useful.”

She said the socialization part of it is “worth its weight in gold,” allowing clients to socialize with and be around their peers.

The training aspect is also essential, she said, as it prepares them for their future and ideally a job in the community.

Phoebe said one of the highlights of her career has been helping a client who was choking on peanut butter and pretzels.

“I gave him CPR and saved his life,” she said. “That’s definitely a career highlight.”

But, she said there are so many good things that happen on a daily basis, it’s hard to pick a favorite memory.

“Not a day goes by that somebody doesn’t learn something they didn’t know the day before,” she said. “It’s amazing watching them learn and finally getting something they’ve worked and worked on.”

Phoebe said in general, Rauch is just a great environment to work in.

“It’s a laid back and family atmosphere—everyone works hard...Good people to work with and work around,” she said. “It’s just a good place.”

This post is from guest blogger Darian Eswine--an English and journalism major from Franklin College interning with Rauch this summer.