37 years of growth

After being with Rauch for nearly 37 years, Kay Schuler has seen a lot of growth.

“We’ve grown in size, but we’re also getting more contracts in so there’s not as much downtime and we have the housing so our clients can be a little more independent,” she said.

Kay worked in the school system before coming to Rauch. The principal of the school at which she worked was a good friend of Dave Hoover—Rauch’s CEO at the time. Through him, Kay came to work as a receptionist, but quickly became production secretary. She is currently Operations Manager with Rauch Industries.

“I handle shipping and receiving, bills and invoicing, scheduling,” she said. “Anything to do with trucks coming in and out.”

One of the things Kay likes about her job is that it’s different every day.

“You come in and you don’t know what you’ll be doing in the next five minutes,” she said. “It’s very fast-paced.”

She also said she loves working with the clients and that they make the job fun.

“My favorite thing is when we’ve placed a client in the community and we go visit where they work and the people talk about what good employees they are,” she said. “I love when we place them and they do well at their jobs.”

Already thinking toward the future, Kay said she will greatly miss Rauch if she ever chooses to retire.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time here,” she said. “I enjoy the clients and it’s a good staff and it’s just fun to see us grow.”

This post is from guest blogger Darian Eswine--an English and journalism major from Franklin College who interned with Rauch this summer.