First Steps Training Builds Knowledge

Opportunities for therapists to join Rauch’s network available

In October 2015, Rauch arranged a training opportunity presented by Midwest Orthotics for its First Steps Provider Network therapists. While enjoying a breakfast of bagels, fruit parfaits, and coffee, participants learned about analyzing gait and gross motor skills. 

One condition that can impact gait and gross motor skills is hypotonia, a state of low muscle tone. The condition can occur on its own, called benign congenital hypotonia, or it can be indicative of another problem where there is progressive loss of muscle tone, such as muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy. Some of the consequences of this condition are:

  • Infants may lag behind in acquiring fine and gross motor developmental milestones, including a baby’s ability to hold his or her head up when placed on the stomach, balance themselves or achieve a sitting position, and to remain seated without falling over 
  • Hip, jaw, and neck dislocations may occur
  • Some children with the condition may have trouble feeding if they are unable to suck or chew for long periods 
  • Children with hypotonia may also have problems with speech or exhibit shallow breathing

The training session also included information on selecting the proper brace and fit to allow the child to maximize their potential. The appropriate brace should provide stability while allowing as much mobility as possible.

Rauch has a network of over forty physical, occupational, speech, and developmental therapists. These therapists provide vital support to over 400 children, ages birth to three years, in seven southern Indiana counties. Therapists have the great fulfillment of helping a child reach his or her fullest potential. Early intervention has a wonderful statewide record of proven results. Around half of the children in the program do not require preschool special education services upon completion of their treatment.

Rauch is currently seeking additional therapists to add to its network of talented, dedicated individuals. These therapists benefit from Rauch-provided trainings such as the one recently provided by Midwest Orthotics. To learn more about joining the Rauch First Steps Provider Network, contact Amelia Williams at or 812-542-3651.