Picture This...

I was struck by something almost right away when I came to work at Rauch - how much the people in our programs enjoy having their photos taken. Many times, if they spotted me with a camera, they would ask me to take their picture. They would remember for weeks and ask me to print them a copy of it.

Most of the people we serve at Rauch aren't worried about their smile looking just right, sporting the latest fashions, or if the camera adds five or ten pounds to their frame. They take joy in the simple pleasure of having their image captured to keep for themselves or share with loved ones... something I've found to be incredibly refreshing.

Considering this, as well as how difficult it can be for some families to make the trek to a photo studio (financially, logistically, and/or judgmentally), my colleague Lindsey and I dreamed about how special it would be to have our own "Picture Day," where everyone could feel valued and have a high-quality image of their smile to cherish.

Jonathan captures Michelle's grin

Goal in mind, we posted a volunteer opportunity to photograph our clients on Metro United Way's volunteer website. We were thrilled and surprised when just a couple weeks later we received a response. That's when we met Jonathan Baker. Jonathan has now contributed his time and talent to several photo shoots - including one TODAY! - and his images grace many of our public relations materials.  

But what Jonathan has given us has a value much greater than the price many professional photographers would have charged for this service. It means that those we serve all have the opportunity to see themselves with the dignity and pride they deserve. Now that's a picture that's priceless.

10/9/13 Update: Our photos are in! Check out some of our lovable faces on our Facebook page.