John Finds Fulfillment in Work and Life Through Rauch Employment Services

(adapted from a story written by Pam Sinsel) 

Pam, a Rauch Supported Employment Consultant, first met John in late 2012. He was a very large fellow with piercing blue eyes and a somewhat disheveled appearance. He was very quiet and seemed guarded when speaking to her. At first glance, he appeared intimidating.

Pam and John

John wanted to work in food service. After several meetings and through setting small goals for him, his grooming improved. He became more trusting of Pam and began to share information about his interests and dreams, including that he enjoys photography and would like to eventually become a chef. Not originally from the area, John was isolated. He did not know anyone in the community but his family. 

A new Bob Evans was set to open on State Street in New Albany. They were hiring, and John was interested in applying. John was thrilled to be selected for an interview.  John and Pam prepared for the interview by reviewing possible questions and answers. He was very open and willing to work with her on this process.

Pam picked John up for the interview to ensure he was on time. On the drive, he appeared nervous but excited. He had been out of work for a few years and had limited success in getting interviews. The interview went well, and John was relieved and pleased to be invited to a second one. He was offered a position as a kitchen prep person and gladly accepted, smiling from ear to ear. John thanked Pam for all the help that she had given him, but he was disappointed about one thing… he would no longer see her after he was stable in his job.

John arrived to work his first day early and motivated. After being on the job for a short while, he started making friends at the workplace. He quickly received acknowledgements from his supervisors for his good work. John volunteers for overtime and has been successfully cross-trained for other positions in the restaurant. He recently got a raise, and was told that he would likely be eligible for another pay increase soon. The job has been good for him in other ways, too – he has lost so much weight that he is going to have to use some of that raise to buy new clothes.

John still has a glow of happiness when he sees Pam. He has come so far and kindly thinks of others by informing her of possible openings at Bob Evans from time to time. Pam is proud to call John one of her success stories, and is especially pleased that his life has improved not just financially but also socially. He carries himself with a sense of pride that he did not have at their initial meeting, and she knows he will continue to do well for himself.