Interpreting from the Heart

I grew up in New Albany, and thought I was pretty familiar with Rauch when I came to work here. However, even with my knowledge of the agency and the community, there were some surprises. Probably the biggest one was that Rauch is one of only two American Sign Language interpreting agencies in the Louisville Metro area. Interpreting is our one program which serves both the Kentucky and Indiana side of the Ohio River. We are proud to help the members of the local Deaf community navigate school, medical needs, the legal system, the world of work, and more.  

We recently received this testimonial from one of our Interpreting clients, and it touched my heart. I just had to share, and am grateful to Debbie for letting us: 

Dave Calvert, Director of Interpreting Services, and Debbie

"I had a tragedy in my life this year. My mother passed away. She lived in Florida with my father, but we had her buried here in Kentucky at a family plot located in Mt. Washington, Kentucky.

"During this sad and stressful time I was so busy with funeral arrangements, I forgot about hiring an interpreter for the funeral. I called Dave (Calvert) at Rauch and he said he would be there to interpret for me and the family and he didn’t want me to worry about anything. Dave did show up to interpret for me and my family and I was so grateful. Dave and I have a very special relationship now and I value him and the great job he is doing for Deaf people in Indiana and Kentucky.

"I recently was furloughed from my government job in Jeffersonville and again Dave was there for me. I had difficulty understanding all of the paperwork that I was given to explain what happens during a government shutdown. Dave assisted in explaining everything to me and offered his support until I was called back to work.  During times, like these, you just need someone to support you and that’s what Dave does. I appreciate him so much. Rauch Interpreting Services is so much better now. I wish more Deaf people would call Rauch Interpreting Services when they need an interpreter because their interpreters and Dave are very good."

 -Debbie McQuiggan, Deaf Consumer